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Earn a Commission for Referring Friends

March 12th , 2019

David Krevitt

The Blueprint has quickly become the leading training platform for SEO agencies and consultants looking to scale their business.

We want to extend an offer to those of you who know and love our brand.

Anytime you refer a new customer to The Blueprint, you will receive a 20% commission.


Offer 1 – Refer people directly to The Blueprint

For those of you who don’t have the platform to sell through affiliate links, we offer the ability to connect a prospect directly with our sales team.

Think of it as a warm introduction – simply send an email to your prospect and cc hello @, our sales team will handle the rest.

After your referral is made, we will schedule a demo with the prospect. If the lead closes, you will receive a 20% commission on the sale.


Offer 2 – Become an affiliate of The Blueprint

Let’s quickly talk about how The Blueprint partnership program works…


Qualifying referral payouts are made via Paypal at the beginning of each month

We offer a 30-day refund policy.  To qualify for payout, a referral sale must have passed that 30-day window.

So if a purchase is made January 20th, the payout will appear in your March 1st payment.


Only legitimate promotions accepted

Legitimate forms of promotion include:

  • Posting to your blog, newsletter and social media channels
  • Mentioning the Blueprint on your podcast / YouTube channel
  • Sharing in private Slack, FB or mastermind groups
  • Referring a prospect directly to our sales team

In short, you must share the Blueprint in an online space you control, where you have consent to message your audience.

Before making your first payout, we will verify how you’ve been sharing your affiliate links to make sure this is the case.


Promoting the Blueprint is a privilege

The Blueprint is a highly reviewed and respected training in the marketing community – we’re fiercely protective of our brand. We’re offering an incredible way to make a lot of money by promoting an awesome platform.

If we find at any time that your promotional strategy is doing a disservice to the Blueprint or our members, we reserve the right to cancel your affiliate account at any time.


Only promote the Blueprint if you can genuinely vouch for it.

Affiliates must have experience with one or more of the Blueprint trainings + templates.

Please resist the urge to earn affiliate revenue, if you can’t actually vouch for the Blueprint.


How to set up an affiliate account

1. You need to sign up for a free account.

Presumably you’ve done this already, if you’re ready to share the Blueprint with your audience.

NOTE: You don’t have to be a paying course member, you can become an affiliate through the FREE trial version. You simply need an account on the platform to get your affiliate links.


2. Navigate to the ‘Affiliate’ page of the dashboard, and turn affiliates on.

Access the page directly here.

Once you turn on affiliates and enter a Paypal email address (used for payouts), you’ll see a list of affiliate products + links in your dashboard:

blueprint affiliate products


3. Grab your affiliate links to promote products.

Select ‘Copy URL’ on any individual product (or the entire storefront) to promote the Blueprint.

The Blueprint // Training is our flagship membership, which retails for $4,999. The Blueprint // Platinum is our coaching program, which starts at $9,999.



We look forward to working with you, and continuing to serve the SEO community the best we know how.

If you have questions on your eligibility, or need help framing the Blueprint for your audience, just drop a note to



David and Ryan

Partners, the Blueprint Training

David Krevitt

As the founder of Coding is for Losers, I've helped dozens of businesses and digital agencies automate their work through Google Sheets, BigQuery and Data Studio templates.

March 12th , 2019



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  • Luis Miguelsays


    I would like to buy the course, monthly plan to be more specific but I am confused as to what is available right now?
    If you can be specific as to what is and what is not available as of now.
    It would be great to help me make my decision.



  • David Ssays

    Just signed up!!!