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Earn $1,000 for Referring Friends to The Blueprint

June 24th , 2021

David Krevitt

Have friends / colleagues who are marketing professionals?

You could earn up to $1,000 by making a simple introduction to our team.

The Blueprint Training provides training materials and consulting support to agencies looking to scale up their SEO service.

We’ve become a leader in the space, having partnered with over 2,000 agencies since we launched in 2018.

We’re on a mission to partner with 5,000 agencies by 2023…Know anyone who might benefit from our services? We’d love to have a conversation with them.

Step 1 👉 Submit Referral

  • Be sure to include the best contact info for your referral
  • Please inform your referral that a member of our growth team will be reaching out
  • If this is your first referral, you will need to create your Blueprint Referral link for auto payments (see Step 2)
Blueprint Referral Form

    Step 2 👉 Create Referral Link

    1. Register your account

    If you’re already a Blueprint member (free or paid) we simply need to create the referral link from your account. This will tie all purchases directly to your account for automatic monthly payments.



    2. Setup your referral link

    Login to the platform and navigate to the ‘Affiliate’ page of the dashboard, and turn affiliates on.

    If you’re logged in, access the page directly here

    Once you turn on affiliates and enter a Paypal email address (used for payouts), you’ll see a list of affiliate products + links in your dashboard:

    blueprint affiliate products


    3. Grab your affiliate link, send to

    Select ‘Copy URL’ or the entire storefront (All Products) and send link via email to

    Step 3 👉 Get Paid

    Once we have the referral’s contact info + your referral link, our team will handle the rest.

    We will reach out to schedule a free strategy session where we will sit down with your referral and give them free advice on how to grow their agency.


    When will I get paid?

    Qualifying referral payouts are made via Paypal at the beginning of each month.

    We offer a 30-day refund policy.  To qualify for payout, a referral sale must have passed that 30-day window.

    So if a purchase is made January 20th, the payout will appear in your March 1st payment.


    How much will I get paid?

    If the prospect referred chooses to move forward with one of our programs, you will earn a referral commission.

    • The Blueprint Training = $500 commission
    • The Blueprint Platinum = $1,000 commission


    I need help…

    If you have questions on your eligibility, or need help framing the Blueprint for your audience, just drop a note to

    We look forward to working with you, and continuing to serve the SEO community the best we know how.

    David Krevitt

    As the founder of Coding is for Losers, I've helped dozens of businesses and digital agencies automate their work through Google Sheets, BigQuery and Data Studio templates.

    June 24th , 2021


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  • Luis Miguelsays


    I would like to buy the course, monthly plan to be more specific but I am confused as to what is available right now?
    If you can be specific as to what is and what is not available as of now.
    It would be great to help me make my decision.



  • David Ssays

    Just signed up!!!