Marketing Your Agency w/ Ruan Marinho

Nov 05 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Ruan Marinho

Marketing Your Agency w/ Ruan Marinho

Ruan M. Marinho is the co-founder of the analytics dashboard Splashdash, the founder of the Develomark digital marketing agency, and the founder of his YouTube channel where hundreds of thousands of people learn directly from him.

Ruan started SplashDash with cofounder John Kimball because they both saw the need for agencies to report their services in a more streamlined way. This idea came from Develomark when the agency was using 10+ tools to send one report to their clients. His drive comes from his goal of creating businesses that his customers, employees, community, and family will be proud of.

Ruan is a big believer in education, failing towards adversity, and getting involved in the community. Some of his favorite books include Think and Grow Rich, The Art of The Deal, and anything on the Harvard Business Review. Some of Ruan’s interests offside of education and business include emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

You can connect with Ruan in several ways. Probably the best way is to connect with him by sending an email to or you can search his name “Ruan Marinho” in the Google search results to find his social media networks. Ruan makes himself available for all types of discussion including customer calls, interviews, business partnerships, donations, and more. Reach out to him today if this short textual information did not answer your questions. If you have questions about SplashDash, feel free to visit the features page as well as FAQ.

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