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Announcing The Next Chapter of The Blueprint Training

May 10th , 2021

Ryan Stewart

SEO is a constantly evolving process, especially when offering it as a service to clients.

While The Blueprint Training platform is “evergreen”, there’s still nuances that need to be accounted for.

Over the last 8 months, our team has been hard at work reviewing the entire Blueprint Training platform.

We’re excited to announce the next chapter of The Blueprint Training, aka The Blueprint Training 2.0!

2.0 tackles everything – from keeping you up to date with the latest tactics, to a completely revised tool kit built specifically for SEO agencies.

I cover all the updates in detail in the short video below…


What’s new?

A stripped down process, focused on the most impactful items of client SEO services…

  • If you are currently a member of The Blueprint Training or The Blueprint Platinum, you will still retain access to all existing content, uninterrupted. All of your progress and content will still be available in your portal, we’re simply calling the original version The Blueprint Training (Legacy).
  • A completely revamped process, all based on what’s working right now (to get results) and to maximize your value / margins
  • An entirely new module focused on Agency Strategy, teaching you how to position your agency, build an offer and productize your complex service. I promise, this is the most impactful training you will EVER TAKE
  • We’ve revisited every single module in the training to ensure everything is up to date, organized and agile
  • We’re moving the focus to strategy + process, allowing you to get through the material quicker and dive deeper into other modules when ready (Agency Tool Belt, Agency Reporting Suite, etc)

A more hands on approach to helping members…

  • Weekly coaching calls to help you apply The Blueprint material to your practice (NOT Platinum though), all run by a Verified Blueprint Expert or Coach
  • Tests and quizzes to help train your internal team and get them ready for client work (Blueprint Learning Plan)
  • Access to our newest tactics, templates and processes that we’re using to explode our agency WEBRIS (Sprint model)
  • Hot seats + weekly networking calls (including one for Blueprint ladies only)

An even BETTER community experience…

  • Ability to become “Blueprint Verified”, which comes with your own listing on our website, Verified badge on Slack + exclusive access to SEO leads
  • Swag + prizes + giveaways for active community members, top contributors, etc

What’s next?

  • Throughout the course of 2021, we will open up a new module in 2.0, starting May 17th, 2021
  • For current Blueprint Training and/or Platinum members ONLY, you will be getting exclusive access to the new content. No additional payment, no catch, it will be added to your account automatically
  • Each release will be followed by a LIVE coaching call, just like this to review that week’s drop (preview of new coaching element in Blueprint Training)
  • By the time we finish dropping all the new modules, the price of The Blueprint Training will be going up to $7,000



Schedule a demo today, or contact Ane at / send her a DM on Facebook or Slack.

Ryan Stewart

I build, grow and sell digital agencies. Most recently, WEBRIS, a 7 figure SEO agency.

May 10th , 2021



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  • Chris Romerosays

    This really helps solidify what we have been learning with the OG Blueprint and helps us put it quickly into action.

  • Alexsays

    Looking forward to seeing the updates.