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The Blueprint Platinum 💎 Coaching for Agencies

June 24th , 2021

Ryan Stewart

The Blueprint Platinum is a coaching program for digital agencies looking to scale past 6 figures/month.

Our team is qualified to do so because…

We’ve sat exactly where you’re sitting right now – we know all the problems and we have the solutions.

The Platinum Program was designed for the busiest of agency owners. We’re not here to give you more work, we’re here to save you time by solving your most painful problems.


5 problems likely killing your agency…

1. Inability to stand out in a saturated market

Let’s be honest – there’s an agency on every corner…the market is saturated. Everyone seems to be offering the same thing, with the same value proposition – how can you stand out?

Solution: Improve your agency’s positioning. You should be focused on solving a specific, high value problem for a specific type of client.  We achieve this with a series of exercises to examine what high value market you’re qualified to enter, and a specific plan to help you do so.

how to select a position for your agency

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2. Stuck charging low prices

You can’t build a viable business off $1k retainers…The economics break down as you try to scale past $50k/month in revenue. You have to charge premium prices if you want to make it. You know that already though … Most coaches just tell you to “raise your prices”, but we understand it’s not that easy. Raising your prices requires a raise (or leveling) of the value you’re providing.

Solution: Increase the value you’re providing, then sell it properly. We’ll help you increase the value of what you’re providing by working with you to design a better offer, one that solves a more expensive problem. Then we’ll redesign your sales process to ensure you’re properly pitching that value so you will never, ever, EVER get pushback on high prices.

offer design

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3. Inconsistent results for clients

The quality of your service is everything in this business. If you can’t get results for your clients, you’re already out of business.

Solution: Learn from those who have done it before. Our agency is in the trenches servicing clients everyday (and getting HUGE results). We know exactly how to get results for your clients, and we’ve got the entire thing streamlined to ensure you’re getting results for your clients.

seo process

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4. Not enough time in the day

You’re working non stop, stuck working “in the business” instead of “on the business”. A typical day spans everything from sales, dealing with upset clients or delivering the services. Your business is like a boat that keeps springing new leaks and you can never get ahead.

Solution: Stop trying to do everything, for everyone. Strip down your service to the studs, rebuild using only the elements that will make your client successful. When you’re focused on solving a single (expensive) problem for a single type of client, you should be doing the same thing, over and over. This allows you to put detailed processes around your service and hire the right people into the right ecosystem.

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5. No inbound leads

Why do marketing agencies suck at marketing themselves? We know why – because you’re too busy dealing with all the problems we listed above. You can’t grow without consistent, quality leads. Marketing and advertising is the most effective way to fill your pipeline.

Solution: Dedicate the time and resources to your marketing. Marketing your agency isn’t something you can do in your free time. It takes dedicated time and attention from someone who knows what they’re doing. We’ll work with you to implement our simple framework, helping you to create high value content and distribute it with paid ads.

agency sales calendar
The calendar from one of our agency’s sales people…ALWAYS filled with 100% inbound appointments.


What’s included in The Blueprint Platinum?

✅  Personalized strategy + accountability

We start with a detailed onboarding process to understand the largest problems your agency faces. Based on our initial discussions, we put together a custom learning plan to guide our 12 months working together.

the blueprint platinum onboarding


✅  12 months of coaching from experienced consultants

Each of our coaches specialize in a certain area (i.e. sales, marketing, client delivery) and are standing by to assist in a number of ways:

  • Small group coaching. Working sessions are held 3 times per week, available to your schedule.
  • 1 on 1 coaching. You’ll be paired with a coach for a 1 on 1 working session via Zoom to talk about items in your learning plan.
  • Slack coaching. Access to a private slack Channel for Blueprint Platinum members and coaches only. 24/7 access to experts waiting to help you with everything along the way.
  • Screenshare coaching. Want us to look at a recent proposal that went wrong? Or your agency’s technical audit? Our coaches love getting you quick feedback using a screenshare video.


✅  Video training guidance

Advanced training on agency concepts like pricing, hiring and managing financials. You will receive lifetime access to all modules from The Blueprint Training and The Blueprint Platinum programs.


✅  Agency template suite

A series of templates that will help to automate a lot of your tedious processes. The entire ecosystem is built in the Google Suite, making it customizable to your agency’s needs. A few templates include:

  • Campaign retainer pricing template
  • Service proposal template
  • Project management system + templates
  • Monthly reports, onboarding reports and more


✅  24/7 support

Our dedicated team is available to you at all times, for whatever you need. We’re just a DM away.

support testimonial


Find out if you’re a good fit

We offer a risk free strategy session to review your practice and give an outside perspective on ways to reduce headaches.

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Ryan Stewart

I build, grow and sell digital agencies. Most recently, WEBRIS, a 7 figure SEO agency.

June 24th , 2021



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