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 What’s the book about? 

A detailed guide at how to execute high quality SEO campaigns, now and forever. The strategies covered here are evergreen, safe and effective.

 Who should read this? 

This book is a manuscript for agencies, consultants and SEO professionals.

 Why read this book? 

To learn the exact SEO system we’ve used to grow hundreds of client’s websites. This includes access to all our proprietary audits and tools.

1 - Intro to SEO

Great SEO campaigns are built on sound principles. The opening chapter brings you up to speed on the foundation of campaigns.

  • What Exactly Is "SEO"?
  • Why You Need SEO
  • A Breakdown Of How Search Engines Work
  • What Makes Websites "Rank"?
  • Where SEO Is Heading
  • 3 Core Concepts For An Evergreen SEO Strategy
  • Our Evergreen Approach to SEO

2 - The Discovery Process

It’s critical to understand as much as possible about the website you’ll be working on. This phase helps us determine the best strategy for the coming campaign.

  • Link Building 101 (And Beyond)
  • 7 Key Questions You Need To Ask Before You Start A Campaign
  • How To Analyze Your Website's Numbers
  • Taking A Close Look At Your Top Competitors
  • How To Manage Your SEO Campaign

3 - The Improving Process

The fastest turn around in organic traffic comes from improving the performance of existing pages. This phase leverages a series of audits to improve "low hanging fruit" keywords.

  • Full-Website Quality Audit
  • Basic SEO Assets Audit
  • In-depth Keyword Analysis
  • Putting Together A List Of "Target Pages"
  • "On Page" SEO Audit

4 - The Building Process

Now it's time to turn our attention to ranking for new keywords. We do so through targeted, focused and consistent content marketing campaigns.

  • Auditing Your Existing Content
  • Filling In Your "Keyword Gaps"
  • Coming Up With New Topic Ideas (And Making Sure You Can Compete)
  • Building A Content Calendar
  • By Julia McCoy: Create Or Update? An Introduction To Publishing Great Content

5 - The Promotion Process

It's important to show search engines that your website is "popular". We do so by growth hacking the promotion process, aka link building and influencer outreach,

  • Link Building 101 (And Beyond)
  • The Current (And Future) State Of Links
  • Executing Your Link Acquisition Strategy
  • Influencers, Social Media, And Links
  • Paid And Organic Content Promotion Strategies
  • 5 β€œNinja” Link Building Tactics

6 - The Evaluation Process

SEO is an ongoing process. It's critical we understand how to gather the right data, report on it and make continuous improvements.

  • Link Building 101 (And Beyond)
  • Creating A Web Analytics Measurement Plan
  • Evaluating Your Campaign's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Building Your Own SEO Report (Using My Full Template)
  • 7 Steps To Maintaining Content For A Lasting Presence
  • Why SEO Is An Ongoing Process (And What Your Next Steps Should Be)


  • Ryan Stewart

    10+ years of SEO experience building, operating and selling online businesses.

  • David Krevitt

    Agency automation expert and builder of the tools included in the book.

  • Julia McCoy

    Content marketer and author, Julia's expertise is woven throughout the book.


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