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The Blueprint Training – 2019 Year in Review

Ryan Stewart David Krevitt

David Krevitt

As the founder of Coding is for Losers, I've helped dozens of businesses and digital agencies automate their work through Google Sheets, BigQuery and Data Studio templates.

28th December 2019


Interested in starting your own training program?

Then you don’t want to miss this conversation.

Ryan and I sat down to discuss the ups and downs of launching The Blueprint this year and some key learnings for anyone looking to replicate what we’ve done.

  • Wins and losses from 2019
  • The importance of community building and support
  • How we’re trying to get off of email completely
  • The advertising funnel that drives most of our customer acquisition
  • Hiring, staffing and maintaining the course
  • Our roadmap for the future of the platform

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  • James Campbellsays

    Keep up the great work you guys! Looking forward to 2020

  • Marksays

    position ~18:30… Offer Official Blueprint Training Certifications

  • Alexandresays

    Timestamps of the topics would be PERFECT!

  • Calinsays

    I have been following your work since the Webris days. You always seemed to outrank our content πŸ™‚

    It’s very cool to see the progress of your training program.