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December 13th , 2019

Ryan Stewart

Webinars are still a tremendous lead generation tactic for your agency.

They give you a platform to demonstrate your craft to prospective clients.

This video details the email automation sequences to send a contact after opting in to watch your webinar.

Specifically cover:

  • The 2 email flows you need to implement to maximize performance of webinars
  • How to write emails that get opened
  • Setting up advanced flows in email marketing platforms
  • Webinar script template + email flow template + email copy template

Let’s get into it!


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Webinars are a lot of work to put together – we do them monthly.

This is the process we follow:

  • Ideate and script your webinar
  • Film and edit the video file
  • Build a landing page to capture email leads and promote webinar
  • Setup email automation sequences to captured email leads
  • Create ads (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Test and scale your ad campaigns

Rinse and repeat.

the webinar process

This post pertains to part 4 – setting up automated email sequences to those interested in your webinar.

Want to see me cover the entire process? Check out our agency lead generation module.

What email marketing platform should I use?

You can use the email marketing platform of your choice (we use ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels and MailChimp).

Almost all email marketing platforms provide the tools needed to set up these sequences – use what you’re comfortable with.

Why use email over a messenger bot or text message?

Text messages and bots work well for certain automations, but I like email here because it’s less intrusive here.

The goal of these emails is to nudge people to remind them to watch the webinar.

It’s too early in the buyer journey to try selling your services because most of these people haven’t had enough exposure to your business to become a viable lead.

That’s why webinars are so impactful. A long video warms up an audience to a state where they’ll be more receptive to your marketing messages.


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The 2 headed email automation monster

Initially, I like to set up two email flows.


Email automation 1 –  drive consumption 

A simple set of 3 to 5 emails nudging people to watch the webinar.

Don’t worry about annoying people with too many emails – that’s inevitable.

Yes, contacts will unsubscribe – that’s fine, you can’t worry about that. Your job is to get people to watch the webinar – you can’t do that without annoying a subset of contacts.

Here’s the mapped out flow:

webinar email sequences

Email 1: Simple reminder

  • Send them the content they asked for
  • Ask for engagement on other channels like Youtube or Facebook in the form of likes, comments, etc.
  • Ask them to contact you for their questions to solicit a response.

If we can get somebody to respond to an email that sends a tremendous positive quality signal back to the email platform and they classify you as a good contact.

Emails platforms are under siege by email providers for deliverability so if you have a big list of people who are not actively engaging with your emails then your list’s deliverability goes down.

Email 2: Another reminder

Watch the video to see me break down each email and copy in detail.

Email 3: Restate value proposition

If nobody has taken action till now then maybe they forgot what it is about. Restating the value of what is in the webinar will remind them of their reason to give you their email.

Email 4: Drive urgency

Tell them that the webinar will not be available forever.

Email 5: Closing doors

You can say something like, “Hey, this is your last chance before we close the doors”, to drive them to take an action.


Email automation 2 –  drive leads 

Using the technology in your email platforms you’ll be able to track when someone has watched your webinar.

Then, you can send marketing and sales messages to convert them into sales leads (pushing for consultations).

I like to use anywhere between 5 to 10 emails—depending on how much content you have—to nurture the leads.

Email 1: Invitation to join your community or connect with you on social media

Watch the video to see me break down each email and copy in detail.

Email 2: Case study/customer story

You can sell all you want but nothing sells like somebody else selling it for you. If you can get a story from any of your customers it will motivate others to act on your marketing messages.

A case study is all about showing results and that is what people want to see. If they are comfortable with the fact that you are going to get the results for them then pricing becomes less of an issue.

Email 3: Services overview

Just tell them what you do and how you do it and how it will help them.

Email 4: Case study/customer story

Watch the video to see me break down each email and copy in detail.

Email 5: Agency story

Share with them your “Why”. Your journey and how it led you to where you are. How you got into this business and how everything came about.

You can also scale it out and tell stories of your employees. Stories that can inspire action. Stories they can relate to.

Email 6:  Case study/customer story

Watch the video to see me break down each email and copy in detail.

Email 7: Handling objections

We all have objections and so will your customers. They may object to the prices. They may have been burned by agencies in the past. They may have been victims of fake online gurus.

Address their objections head-on and right away.

Email 8:  Case study/customer story

Watch the video to see me break down each email and copy in detail.

Email 9:  Hard close

Here you go for it all the way.

Say something like, “Hey this is it. This is the last time I am contacting you. This is the last opportunity to have a consult with me directly. I want to show you the opportunities you have. You are leaving money on the table”.

Email 10-100:  Content drip

You have done everything. If at this point they are not ready to buy then it is time to put them on a nurture sequence. At this stage, you may also move the contacts to a new list, for a newsletter maybe. Something active.

Get them off the sales messaging and put them on a nurturing sequence where they can consume your best content.

If you feel that you are sending too many sales messages just mix them up with value ones. Use varied content formats. A blog post. A Youtube video. A podcast. A feature on you on another website. Find a piece of content that can help them and inject it into the sequence.

Over time they will convert given your content has been helping them out in some significant way. Keep building webinar flows. Do as many of these as possible and some of them will work wonderfully in your favor.


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Ryan Stewart

I build, grow and sell digital agencies. Most recently, WEBRIS, a 7 figure SEO agency.

December 13th , 2019



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