Is The Blueprint Training Really Worth It?

ryan stewart and david krevitt

We get it.

The SEO industry is riddled with bad information and used car salesmen pushing “rank and bank” guarantees.

The Blueprint Training is different. 

But hey – you don’t have to take our word for it.

We’ll let our members tell you instead.

NOTE: The Blueprint was recently rebranded, hence the heavy mentions of WEBRIS throughout our reviews.

The Blueprint has been recommended by some of the industries most trusted names…

And drawing attention from experienced, advanced SEOs…

We’ve managed to convince even the most skeptical SEOs of The Blueprint’s value.

blueprint reviews

And generating praise from all corners of the web.

Our members literally go out of their way to share their positive experiences everywhere, including by commenting on Facebook updates…

blueprint training review

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Including places that are hard for us to document! We get dozens of Instagram Story testimonials each month, but they’re difficult for us to capture (they disappear after 24 hours).

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And DMs from our Slack Channel…

the blueprint training reviews

And more….

The blueprint training course review

And more…

blueprint testimonials

They come in everyday…

And more…

blueprint training reviews

They even comment on our advertisements…

We’re flooded with emails from people who live by the word of The Blueprint.

They’ve helped agency’s scale their services

They’ve helped agency’s generate more revenue

They’ve helped agency’s build better processes

They’ve helped agency’s deliver better results

They’ve helped agency’s improve the quality of their services

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We have 99+ 5 star Google reviews for consulting and training.

Here’s a link to review them all for yourself.

We’ve got 90 star reviews on Facebook as well.

Here’s a link to review them all for yourself.

It’s not just our paid trainings – our free content has generated well over 1M views on YouTube.

With an engaged community that believes in our value…

leaving unsolicited comments…

and recommendations…

And of course, a few members were kind enough to get on camera and talk about their experiences with our training materials.

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