How To Add $20k/mo in MRR To Your Web Design Agency (30 Days or Less)

August 4th , 2022

If you’re a web design agency or freelancer, this post is for you.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to make $20,000/MRR in 30 days or less.

Offer SEO.

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out!

I take you step by step how to offer SEO as a design agency and make an additional $20k/mo in 30 days or less. Don’t believe me? Watch the video!!!!


Why offer SEO?

  1. SEO fits hand in hand with any design process. It’s incredibly easy to integrate SEO into what you’re already doing, without need a ton of knowledge or hiring more staff.
  2. Most design and development agencies work on short term, project based work. SEO allows you to add on much needed recurring revenue and longer contracts. This gives you a ton of breathing room and doesn’t require you to hunt for your supper every month.
  3. Get creative with your offers. You can now leverage your web design offering more creatively, as it’s not your end all be all offer. You could offer a stripped down design service at a lower cost, with the goal of locking them into a longer term deal with SEO. The prospect sees a discount on a website, you cash in over the long term.

An SEO refresher

You’re probably thinking “I don’t know the first damn thing about SEO anymore”.

No worries, SEO has come a long way in the last few years. It’s not about chasing crazy algorithms anymore, it’s about the fundamentals. You’re already doing 1/3 of these fundamentals as a normal part of the design process.

Know it or not, you’re already doing a lot of SEO tasks, you’re just not getting paid for them.

Website speed, page planning / mapping, internal linking, content planning – these are all overlaps from the design / SEO process.

The key is knowing how to organize and communicate these elements to prospects, to get compensated for them properly.

Offering SEO gives your agency breathing room by allowing you to offer high price monthly retainers to your balance sheet.

There’s nothing better than recurring revenue.

I can teach you exactly how to cash in on SEO, in a 2 part strategy:

  1. Putting together a “no brainer” offer to past / existing clients that will have them excited to let you manage their SEO. Once you understand how to pitch and position SEO, it will become an easy add on to every proposal you send out. I promise, you can start beefing up your agreements as soon as TODAY with the right strategy.
  2. Delivering a high impact SEO service for clients without a large investment into more people. SEO has come a long way in the last decade. Despite all the nonsense you see on your LinkedIn feed, SEO isn’t overly complicated. On top of that, there’s different types of SEO. You don’t have to be a content / link building expert, you can focus in on what you know and what staff you have. Simply handling the technical and on page parts of SEO can be done with your current staff, and have a huge impact on a website’s organic performance.

I put together a video walking you through exactly how to implement this strategy and get paid for SEO in the less than 30 days.

I teach you how to sell SEO and how to deliver it, in less than 20 minutes.

I take you step by step how to offer SEO as a design agency and make an additional $20k/mo in 30 days or less. Don’t believe me? Watch the video!!!!

There’s also a handful of useful templates that we threw in there to get you started, including a copy and paste Statement of Work to add to your next client proposal.
Drop me some comments if you have questions!


Ryan Stewart

I build, grow and sell digital agencies. Most recently, WEBRIS, a 7 figure SEO agency.

August 4th , 2022



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