What’s Working in Link Building Right NOW

March 2nd , 2020

NOBS Links is a marketplace for SEO professionals to buy high quality links. Currently, NOBS is acquiring over 5,000 links per month for customers.

We sat down with managing partner Aaron Gray to discuss the current state of link building and what’s working right now.

Let’s hear what he has to say!


  • 8:02 – How is NOBS able to acquire 5000 links per month?
  • 16:49 – What is your review process during link prospecting?
  • 25:52 – Does building a lot of links help?
  • 28:43 – Do you recommend companies acquire links for sites that are NOT theirs?
  • 32:42 – Tiered link building…Recommend it?
  • 38:34 – What would you recommend for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 types of links in terms of price and quality?
  • 44:44 – Should people ONLY buy links?
  • 49:11 – What is working in link building right now?
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How is NOBS able to acquire 5000 links per month?

Our business is broken down into three major areas:

  • link production
  • publisher acquisition
  • management

We use a hybrid system of our own as a prospecting tool. We scrape Google and other websites for prospecting. We use sales tools for our outreach. We verify our publishers and help them make money.

Our content processes are automated right down to every writer that we have. All of our writers go through HubSpot training so they understand how a good piece of content is written and that is why we produce content that ranks.

What is your review process during link prospecting?

We bring people on as actual publishers in the marketplace and add them to our database so that we can use them later but every time a client comes and picks a publisher we always send that publisher a custom pitch.

We have a review process in place that sorts all our publishers into different categories that we keep track of internally and we offer clients the best of the lot that we think will be beneficial for them.

Some of our clients, especially in the insurance industry, have huge link building budgets and they are always after high DR sites but what we have seen is such sites dilute their authority with time as they link out more and more. In such cases, low DR but highly niche relevant sites outperform them easily.

Does building a lot of links help?

For companies with big budgets, link building is like a form of reputation management. They want to be seen everywhere and they do not build links just to their websites, they, in fact, try to own the top results on Google’s first page using different properties that belong to them.

Do you recommend companies acquire links for sites that are NOT theirs?

I would definitely recommend it. These days you have to think about your reputation on the internet instead of just the reputation of one of your websites. You have to build positive press across the whole internet for yourself to get a better outcome long term.

By building links to other websites, you can effectively own and control the SERPs for your company.

Tiered link building…Recommend it?

Definitely. If done right, this technique is still as powerful as it used to be back in the day. You have to be smart about it and avoid patterns that can be flagged easily by Google. If you can make it look natural you will benefit from it for sure.

Specificity is of paramount importance here. Right from your tier 1 page to your money page it should all make natural sense and be highly specific and related to each other.

Do not think about it from an SEO perspective, think about it from a user perspective. If the user is benefiting from it then Google is not going to penalize you.

What would you recommend for tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 types of links in terms of price and quality?

Depending on the niche, tier 1 links usually range between $200 – $300 mark. Tier 2 between $50 – $100 and tier 3 in a $30 – $50 range.

I would strongly suggest that you should never go for cheaper links as your tier 1 links. Doing so would hurt you more than it helps you because most of them will be spam or PBNs.

You should also avoid high DR website links that come cheap because that indicates that too much content is being produced by them and too many links are being sold. That eventually dilutes the authority of such websites, so stay clear of them.

Should people ONLY buy links?

I am a big believer that people should still be doing manual outreach for digital PR like helping reporters or building relationships with influencers. They can always hire us when their team is lagging behind for some reason.

I also think that doing some natural good on-site can actually earn you links so you should focus on churning out good content as well. A good technique is to build out good statistical pages. Most of the journals are not indexed in Google so you can take out good nuggets from such journals and write a post about it.

If your website has even a little bit of reputation and you give good data while backing it up with links to the right sources then someone will link to you naturally.

Read our guide on buying backlinks

What is working in link building right now?

I think that people are forgetting the fundamentals of SEO. There is a meaning behind building a link and you should not build links just for the sake of building links. You should build links to rank instead and that too for good reason.

You should aim to build authority, trust, and expertise by showing proof that you are an expert.

At the end of your guest posts, you should add a bio of the author linking out to an author page which should have links to the author’s social media and other work he has done. This builds authority and trust in the eyes of Google and it pays off.

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Ryan Stewart

I build, grow and sell digital agencies. Most recently, WEBRIS, a 7 figure SEO agency.

March 2nd , 2020



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  • Lori Newmansays

    Thank you for this interview and for sharing some great link building tips – good to know!

  • Elijah-Blue Vieausays

    I’ve been using NO BS for over a year now. Their support team is top notch and the quality of content they produce in-house is unlike anything I’ve seen on similar platforms.

    Happy client over here!